Become a part of the movement

Investors are very welcome – very good reward – and becoming a part of the movement. We start soon in India.

A new creation/invention is being born (since 41 years working on it) even in the midst of turmoil, of uncertainty and tragedy trailing it’s way throughout the Globe. We have not forgotten mother Earth who has been waiting for her rescue, patiently. Or is she shaking us off her back like insects? We are also part of nature, we are part of earth and her creations. We now carry the burden and responsibilities and prepare in the silence of the night for a new Awakening: CC Airwell 

* Active climate cooling – we “recycle” 600 million mhot air per day – we consume heat (hot air sucked in – cold air blown out) – and as a side effect we clean polluted air.
* Desert greening – within 10 years up to 1.000 kmforest/farmland around a CC Airwell plant.
* Water harvesting in the desert – up to 1,7-billion litres of drinking water per day.

Yes we can stop global warming; Better to say: We can counterbalance the unstoppable Heat- and CO2-emmission. Yes we can green the desert and Yes we can solve the worldwide water shortage. But we don’t have to fight global warming – we can use it. Hot air is our raw material.


CC-air-well provides the daily amount of drinking water of 1,7-billion litres (1.700.000 m3), regardless of whether it is 70°C air temperature or only 20°C or less.