We will change the world

CC Airwell is a local climate changing system

CC Airwell is a local environment cooling system (it’s no water harvesting machine) – and one of the side effects is ground condensation: Fog and drizzle in our 2 km2 cold air valley – thus many drops – and all these drops are seeping into the soil, re-cooling the soil and collected in 30 m depth.

Yes, we are creating a cold air valley in the middle of the hottest desert. Our main target: to be under the dew point, just 10 drops per m2 and second are 1,7-billion litres of fresh drinking water per day.

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Let’s make this planet a better place

Active climate cooling

we “recycle” 600-million m3 hot air per day - we consume heat and CO2

Water harvesting in the desert

up to 1,7-billion litres of drinking water (spring water quality) per day

Desert greening

within 10 years up to 1.000 km2 around a CC Airwell plant*

We clean polluted air

as a side effect: 600-million m3 per day

* Single trees in the desert (they call it “desert greening”) with irrigation system is: yes, its not working and a big waste, but it gives man the feeling: “we control nature”. Around a CC Airwell is a real forest (its desert greening as side effect - without human irrigation), not single trees - and it gives man the awareness: “man has NO control over nature”.

We don’t "produce" any water, we make existing and captive water visible and accessible. We are changing the aggregate state. The emerging forest provides a perfect livelihood for humans and habitat for numerous animal species.

A new technology. A new awareness.

Water extraction through condensation is nothing new. Sucked in air is cooled down and what remains is “water”. At this point the providers of such machines are cheering (ohhhhh, so much water). With CC Airwell it starts exactly after their cheering – because on closer inspection there is much more “left over” than the direct condensation water – namely “cold air”. Normally this valuable product “cold air” is called “garbage” in common water extraction systems and is disposed of. CC Airwell begins exactly with this “cold air” garbage.

We hear it every day: We face worldwide a water shortage crisis? But this is not correct. We can only speak about an “aggregate state crisis” – water can´t disappear.

We also hear every day: We need urgent water? Also, this is not correct. We don’t need water – we need intact nature, forest and remoisten soils – then water is a natural side effect.

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Technology comparison

Desalination plant CC Airwell
Water per day Desalination plant 1,700,000,000 litres CC Airwell 1,700,000,000 litres
Construction costs, incl. independent energy supply Desalination plant 1,800,000,000 Euro CC Airwell 800,000,000 Euro
Water quality Desalination plant Medicore to miserable (it's liquid, but not water) - drinking water treatment necessary. CC Airwell Highest water quality – spring water, fresh and cold – no extra drinking water treatment necessary
Pollution Desalination plant High pollution – forcing global warming CC Airwell No pollution – we are consuming heat and carbon
Desert greening as side effect Desalination plant No CC Airwell Yes – within 10 years up to 100,000 ha
Air cleaning as side effect Desalination plant No CC Airwell Yes – we “recycle“ 600-million m3 air per day

We are shaping the future

Racha Zahrane

Africa manager“Racha, without you, no start in Africa – you are wonderfull”

Jonathan Fuchs

Assistant to the management“Joni, you are the best, and our sweet apprentice :-)”

Martin Rehling

Supervising management“Great Martin, now you can send the boys and girls official into the desert :-)”

CC Airwell is ready

“Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts. We are preparing for take-off”

“Cabin Crew, prepare for takeoff.”