The water extraction plant
A NEW Invention, a NEW project.
* Water harvesting in the desert
– no groundwater (up to 30 mill. litres/day)
* Desert greening (up to 10 km2 around a CC-air-well plant)
* Active climate cooling
1)HEAT” is our RAW MATERIAL! We dont have to fight against the global warming – no, we can USE it. With the CC-air-well-system we use the problem HEAT (more heat is more waterharvesting). What others blow out in excess (CO2 too too much – hence the global warming), will be our commodity – it will be CONSUMED with the CC-air-well-system. We could almost say to the Industry: “yes, keep going, blowing out CO2 and global warming, we will CONSUME and transform your heat and CO2-garbage” :-))) … Of course we cannot say that out loud – but definitely no country will reach the signed paris-climate-target! And even we would reach the climate-target, it is no longer enough to reduce CO2 emissions – we must urgent CONSUME Heat (with the CC-air-well-System). Where there is a problem (high temperature and drought) there is a solution (a lot of water – bound in hot air).

2) There is NO WATER-SHORTAGE on this planet (physically impossible). Where should the water “disappear” in desert areas? The missed water is just above the dried-up soiljust in another aggregate-state. With the CC-air-well-System we make captivated water “accessible“, because we change the aggregate state – we recycle in one CC-air-well-plant 270 million m3 of hot air per day!
We have to act now – we have to consume heat and to harvest water. We have to use the “problem“, we have to transforme it and we have to green the deserts. To wait another 30 years and to do nothing, and life on this planet will be IMPOSSIBLE – because too much drinking-water would be captivated in the warm/hot air (and the water balance cycle would be disturbed dramatically). We have to consume HEAT in the middle of the hottest desert – and the „side effect“ will be drinking WATER and desert greening.We are selling only to governments (not to Investors – no taking-advantage-water-business).


Where we have a problem (high temperature and drought) there is a solution (a lot of water – bound in hot air)
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The need for water and the resulting drama in heat regions are quite big, but also the interest of a worldwide water scarcity and a rising water price is quite big. Water shortage became an
unscrupulous business. Drinking water is increasingly privatized as a commercial product with calculated rising prices (as it is usual with commercial products). Most of the water is already in the hands of international corporations (buying huge masses of land withwater rights) and everyone knows that drinking water will soon be affordable only for the privileged few. Also, we are facing the latest eco-catastrophe of seawater-desalination-plants (which is currently a regular construction boom).
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Fact is climate warming will result in even less rainfall in large parts of the planet (particularly in Africa’s heat regions), because higher and rising air temperature is binding disproportionately more water in the hot desert air. This brings even more drought (now one of the main reasons for refugees) and thus even more “hunger“. This year 2018 alone, 20 million people are in danger of starvation in the African heat-regions – the main cause: water shortage.
We must know: Once an air package has a temperature of +66°C (measured in the shade it is around +45°C), it acts like a sponge and “sucks up” the groundwater onto a depth of 7 m. We are facing complete dehydration of large landscapes – and there are living millions of humans. We could also say, a continuous heat period of +66°C and above will have its own heat dynamics, and with a guarantee that there is no more rain in this region. The few ineffective drops or the morning dew are sucked from the hot air before they reach the ground – the ground water levels are empty, sucked out through the +66°C heat sponge.
And when a large humid air package comes from the sea, even then we can say: “no more rain in this region”, because +66°C air (usual for arabic area) has such an enormous water intake potential that also billions of litres of water from the sea practically do nothing at all (in our latitudes such humid air package would be 2-3 weeks of rainfall) – so to speak swallowed by hot air, without rain falls (not even forming a single cloud).
A temperature above +40°C has its own heatdynamic: The water absorption capacity increases disproportionately – its a heat-sponge.
We must also know (most do not know this): A +33°C air package (the highest temperatures in our western world latitudes) with 35% humidity contains 12ml/m3. Now we could think the double temperature (+66°C) contains the double amount of water: 24 ml/m3 air. But this is completely wrong! The double temperature, a +66°C air package (an average temperature in this heat region like Saudi or Chad) with the same humindity (35%) absorbs 72 ml of water per cubic meter air! That’s 6 times as much. This heat dynamic (over +40°C) is creating an absolute death zone, an area where no rain can fall (this heat dynamismis like a rain barrier).
A lot of seawater-desalination-plants (forcing global warming) being built in the Arabian area as a “seeming water solutions“, but these intensify the brutal heat dynamic even more (creating a big hot-air-sponge). Fact is: the climate warms up, and our groundwater-sucking-heat-sponge grows – and also the desert grows ...

Active climate protection or the long overdue “utilization” of the climate change

It is very depressing to get all those gloomy reports about climate change and its consequences. It looks so futile and discouraging, and we know that no one will change their lifestyle (who should start?). Everything is focused on CO2-reduction as well as heat-reduction, at the same time we know this is not possible (and it will not be enough for “rescuing” our climate) – we all know it. Paralyzed we are looking at the shocking reports as 2016 being the warmest year ever, no it was 2017 – and about 2018 we will soon say: It was the warmest year ever.
It is embarrassing and sad that we have only become aware and active of climate protection since we know our habitats are being scaled down by the rising sea level (although we have been aware of the global warming for 60 years) – only since we know that our houses (near the sea) soon will be under water, we are becoming active (this is pathetic). But even more embarrassing is that we describe earth warming (man made or not) as a “catastrophe” – as if we were helpless. Where is our courage, our transformational spirit and our visions? Of course, it´s a disaster (very critical), but we have always found solutions for all kinds of problems – please let us focus on solutions.

Since long we could say: Wow, great! The earth temperature is rising and rising every year, so let us finally recognize and call this global warming a “VALUABLE COMMODITY” and let us USE this heat and transform it into WATER (with the CC-air-well-system) – and as a side effect we are cooling down our world climate.



Design and planning were done by Geistlweg- Architektur/Architects Spraiter, also based in Salzburg, Austria. The supervising architects attach great importance to the harmonic integration of the plant into the surrounding environment. The natural landscape formed out of the desert environment will flow into the design of the plant.