CC Airwell
A new technology  a new awareness
an international Patent

A new creation/invention is being born (since 40 years working on it) even in the midst of turmoil, of uncertainty and tragedy trailing it’s way throughout the Globe. We have not forgotten mother Earth who has been waiting for her rescue, patiently. Or is she shaking us off her back like insects? We are also part of nature, we are part of earth and her creations. We now carry the burden and responsibilities and prepare in the silence of the night for a new Awakening: CC-air-well.  

CC Airwell is worldwide the only project, which is consuming Heat and CO2 – we are USING global warming. In reality we can say: “WOW great, the earth temperature is rising every year, so let us finally call this global warming a `VALUABLE COMMODITY` and let us USE this HEAT and transform it into WATER” (with the CC-air-well we change the aggregate states and make captive water accessible) – and as a side effect we are cooling down our world climate and greening the desert (a big big forest, the best CO2-consumer). Rainforests are still being destroyed – that is very sad and seemingly unstoppable – with CC-air-well we don’t have any Intention to stop them – we are planting a new rainforest and it’s also counteracting the insect and bird extinction – yes, we are creating a insect/animal paradise/island/oasis.

*  Active climate cooling – we “recycle” 600-million m3 hot air per day – we consume heat.
*  Desert greening – within 10 years up to 1.000 km2 around a CC-air-well plant.
*  Water harvesting in the desert – up to 1,7-billion litres drinking water per day.

Yes we CAN STOP global warming; Better to say: We can counterbalance the unstoppable Heat- & CO2-emmission. We can green the desert and we can solve the WATER SHORTAGE (with the CC-air-well). But for this we don’t have to fight global warming – we can USE it. Hot air is our RAW MATERIAL!

Maybe “global warming” is the result of our concept “we have to fight“. And now again we want to fight – now against “global warming”. In reality we don’t have to fight “global warming” – Heat is our raw material.

The whole world is speaking about global warming and drama and drought and water scarcity (and the resulting starvation), but nobody is asking: “WHERE IS ALL THE WATER“. Yes, nobody is asking this in reality it’s just above our heads (captivated in the hot air around us). So thus we need a new name for hot air: “Water storage“.

FACT is: Water can’t disappear (it’s “just” stored – stored in hot air)! And clearly: There is no place on this planet, where there is MORE water or LESS water (physically impossible). In reality in Austria for example, we don’t have MORE water (not even one drop) than in the dried out Sahara or Saudi desert – just the aggregate states are different – and in reality we can’t even speak about a water shortage.

  • Yes, it’s possible and easy to stop global warming (to create a balance)
  • It’s possible and easy to solve the worldwide water shortage and to green the desert.
  • It’s possible and easy to cool the climate – without anyone changing their lifestyle.
  • It’s possible and easy to stop Hunger and starvation (especially in Africa’s heat region) – without having to transport water and food.
  • And it’s also possible and easy to stop Africa’s refugee flow – without isolating humans in refugee camps. Africa’s refugee flow will come to a halt by itself – people in these regions can then care and provide for themselves in a dignified and independent way … Water creates life.

CC Airwell is a ground-breaking – life-giving technology – providing millions of people affected by drought and water scarcity with the most precious resource WATER – the river of LIFE – the basis of LIFE – ending drought and starvation – creating flourishing agriculture – new communities – Restoring the balance of Nature. The CC-air-well technology is THE answer to Climate Change (and it’s devastating consequences).

*  Active climate coolingwe “recycle” 600 million mhot air per day – we absorbe/consume heat.
  Desert greening – within 10 years up to 1.000 kmaround a CC-air-well plant.
*  Water harvesting in the desert – up to 1,7-billion litres drinking water per day (no groundwater).

Maybe, global warming is the result of the concept “we have to fight”.
But in reality we don’t have to fight global warming – we can use it.
Heat is our raw material.

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A single water harvest of a CC Airwell plant produces up to 1,7-billion liters of drinking-water per day supplies at least two million people with fresh, chilled water, as well as desert greenery, farmland for home-grown farming  a complete and independent GREEN live basis. Within 10 years up to 1.000 km2 greenland a natural process, without artificial irrigation around a CC-air-well plant (with artificial irrigation it will be a lot more forest and agriculture)  and as a side effect we cool our climate.

But clearly: CC-air-well is NOT just about water harvesting  just water harvesting would be a pointless project. There are several small and mobile water-harvesting-systems existing and all of them want just water and all of them dispose the entire compression heat of the cooling system into the environment. With all these “water-harvesting-machines” each gained litre of water warms the climate even more – each litre of water gained through these polluting methods is binding 1.3 litres of water in the hot air. Clearly it means: In twenty or thirty years only the wealthy can afford water.


One CC Airwell system binds/consumes 100,000 tons of CO2 per year – 100 km2 of rainforest binds/consumes 100,000 tons of CO2 per year – 100 km² of re-moistened forest floor (excluding the trees) stores an additional 100,000 tons of CO2 per year. Within 10 years one CC-air-well binds/consumes in total 12,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions (thereafter an average of 2.1 million tons of CO2 per year).

With 10.000 CC Airwell plants (the project goal) we will consume 50% of worldwide CO2 output – then we will be climate neutral – and all this is a nice “side effect” (no fight against global warming is needed) – with no extra costs – governments in desert countries order/build their CC-air-well for the main product: Drinking water and agriculture water – it´s their water business, no charity, no global warming fight-program.

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There are many water-misunderstandings. Our water-amount-judgements are based on “FEELINGS”, not based on FACTS. In reality: What feels “very humid”, does not mean “much water”– what feels “very dry” (and hot), does not mean “not much water”. The very dry-feeling desert air in Rajasthan (with 63°C and just 20% rel. humidity) has double amount of water (30 ml/m3 air) than the high-humidity-feeling-air in the tropical Mumbai (with 30°C/50% rel. humidity) – there in “humid” tropical Mumbai is just 15 ml water/m3 air.

In Europe a 33°C (35% rel. humidity) contains 12 ml water per m3 air. Now we could think: double temperature (66°C) is double amount of water. But this is WRONG! An average air package in Saudi or Chad of 66°C (35% rel. humidity) contains 72 ml water per m3. This is SIX times as much! And once an air-package is 66ºC (a shade measure of 45ºC) it acts like a Sponge and sucks up groundwater onto a depth of 7 metres! We’re facing complete dehydration of large landscapes – affecting millions of human beings.


The CC Airwell project is about water harvesting in the desert, desert greening, active climate cooling, the rescue of rare animals and plants (completely chemical-free) and it’s about Hope and Joy! Global warming is a huge Chance – we can use it and repaire so much on our planet (especially in Africa’s heat region)!



Design and planning were done by Geistlweg- Architektur/Architects Spraiter, also based in Salzburg, Austria. The supervising architects attach great importance to the harmonic integration of the plant into the surrounding environment. The natural landscape formed out of the desert environment will flow into the design of the plant.