• It is easy to solve the worldwide water shortage and to green the desert, as a side effect.
  • It is easy to cool the climatewithout anyone changing their lifestyle (who would start anyhow?).
  • It is easy to stop hunger (especially in Africa’s heat region) – without having to transport water and food.
  • And it is also easy to stop Africa´s refugee flows – without isolating them in refugee camps.

With the CC-air-well, we are using global warming for water harvesting (never before so much water was captivated in air) and we are using water harvesting for active climate cooling.

With the CC-air-well project, Africa’s refugee flow will come to a halt by itself – people in critial regions can then care and provide for themselves in a dignified way; and without us transporting food and water into Africa …

A single water harvest of a CC-air-well plant produces up to 30 million liters of water/day and supplies at least 500,000 people with fresh, chilled water, as well as desert greenery, farmland (for home-grown farming) – a complete live basis – and as a side effect we cool our climate.

The CC air-well is for all desert areas (heat is the raw material) – always far from the sea, in the middle of desert (a water harvest machine underground) and of course, without touching any groundwater …

Water harvesting in the desert  up to 30 million litres/day (no groundwater). 
Desert greening  up to 30 km2 around a CC-air-well. 
Active climate cooling  we recycle 270 million m3 hot air per day.

We don´t have to fight global warming – we can use it.
Heat is our raw material.

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The interest of worldwide water scarcity is quite big. Drinking water is increasingly privatized as a commercial product. Water shortage (with calculated rising prices) became an unscrupulous business. With the CC-air-well we will stop this cruel business. Water is a human right!
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Global-warming-reports are very depressing and discouraging. We all know: No one will change lifestyle (who should start?). All is focused on CO2-reduction, but its impossible – and not enough to rescue our climate. The only solution: To use global warming.

The CC-air-well project is about water harvesting in the desert, desert greening, active climate cooling, the rescue of rare animals and plants (completely chemical-free) and it’s about Hope and Joy! Global warming is a huge Chance – we can use it and repaire so much on our planet (especially in Africa´s heat region)!



Design and planning were done by Geistlweg- Architektur/Architects Spraiter, also based in Salzburg, Austria. The supervising architects attach great importance to the harmonic integration of the plant into the surrounding environment. The natural landscape formed out of the desert environment will flow into the design of the plant.