The Pilot Plant

A new technology  a new awareness
an international Patent

  … the result of global warming – this must end … (a shame for mankind)b17.jpg

*  Active climate cooling – we “recycle” 400 million mhot air per day – we consume heat (hot air sucked in – cold air blown out).
*  Desert greening – within 10 years up to 1.000 kmforest/farmland around a CC-air-well plant (without artificial irrigation).
*  Water harvesting in the desert – up to 300 million litres of drinking water per day – additionally we provide a lot of irrigation water.

Yes we CAN STOP global warming; Better to say: We can counterbalance the unstoppable Heat- & CO2-emmission. We can green the desert and we can solve the worldwide WATER SHORTAGE (with the CC-air-well). But for this we don’t have to fight global warming – we can USE it. Heat/Hot air is our RAW MATERIAL!

Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs, CEO, Inventor
Austria, Salzburg
fuchs (at)

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