The Climate Changer

CC Airwell
A new technology  a new awareness
an international Patent

A new creation/invention is being born (since 41 years working on it) even in the midst of turmoil, of uncertainty and tragedy trailing it’s way throughout the Globe. We have not forgotten mother Earth who has been waiting for her rescue, patiently. Or is she shaking us off her back like insects? We are also part of nature, we are part of earth and her creations. We now carry the burden and responsibilities and prepare in the silence of the night for a new Awakening: CC Airwell.  

One CC Airwell system binds/consumes 100,000 tons of CO2 per year – 100 km2 of rainforest binds/consumes 100,000 tons of CO2 per year – 100 km² of re-moistened forest floor (excluding the trees) stores an additional 100,000 tons of CO2 per year. Within 10 years one CC-air-well binds/consumes in total 12,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions (thereafter an average of 2.1 million tons of CO2 per year).
With 10.000 CC Airwell plants (the project goal) we will consume 50% of worldwide CO2 output – then we will be climate neutral – and all this is a nice “side effect” (no fight against global warming is needed) – with no extra costs – governments in desert countries order/build their CC-air-well for the main product: Drinking water and agriculture water – it´s their water business, no charity, no global warming fight-program.

Yes we can stop global warming; Better to say: We can counterbalance the unstoppable Heat- and CO2-emmission. We can green the desert and we can solve the water shortage (with the CC Airwell). But for this we don’t have to fight global warming – we can USE it. Heat/Hot air is our raw material!

CC stands for “Climate Change”

Reduction of CO2-emission with life stile changes … yes, sounds sooo good these efforts are very important and awareness building (to handle nature more carefully yes, we have to clean our planet), but not enough to rescue our climate (and a zero carbon economy is impossible), not enough for a climate change – not enough to stop global warming! CO2-emissions and heat are still rising worldwide … and within 30 years it will be doubled – it is not to stop …

We all know: the worst effect of global warming is the worldwide water shortageNow we are desperately searching for water-solutions – and at the same time all these “desperate water solutions” make it even worse – creating a long-lasting damage (and forcing even global warming). Maybe … “global warming” is the result of our concept “we have to FIGHT“. And now we want again FIGHT – now against “global warming”. In reality we don’t have to fight “global warming” – we can USE it. No, this is no philosophy, it’s simple physic. Heat, hot air is our raw material. 

We need a REAL climate change – without hurting our planet again and again. And really, there is no need to FIGHT global warming. In reality hot air is a big water storage (no more need drilling for groundwater).

Only active climate cooling, a intelligent way of USING global warming brings a sustainable climate change. But for such a sustainable climate change, nobody must change lifestyle (nobody will change lifestyle) and no more stress with water scarcity  and no need to FIGHT for a zero carbon economy. Using global warming brings us a real and sustainable climate change, a counterbalance to the unstoppable CO2-emission. With the CC Airwell it’s possible. With concentration on COOLING the hot air, we will have enough water (as a side effect) and new rainforests. The destruction of existing rainforests does not seem to be stoppable either – so we have to build new rainforests.

But why is a rainforest a “rainforest“? A forest is a rainforest because this forest is constantly irrigated from above. This is possible because there is always a heat-package above the forest. The forest stores the coolness (and much water) and at the boundary layer (at the treetops) the cold air from the forest constantly forces the hot air above to condense – that is the permanent irrigation and makes a forest to a rainforest. So all forests around a CC Airwell will be rainforests (new rainforests), because there will always be the hot air above (and we always have reliable CO2-suppliers from the Industry – thanks). And this hot air can’t even suck the water from the forest, because there is always a cold air carpet above the forest (which is forcing the hot air above to condense).

……….                                  … the start …V1.jpg

Worldwide we destroy 90.000 km2 forest per year!
Every year deserts expand by around 90.000 km2 and we destroy worldwide 90.000 km2 of forest per year (9 million hectares forest are lost to agriculture, cattle and palm oil plantations) thus in total we lose around 180.000 km2 forest and Greenland every year! To counteract this forest-loosing/destroyingdevelopment (greenland-eating, desert-expanding and rainforests-distracting) we don’t need “some trees” … – we would have to build at least 180 CC Airwells each year in deserts – each with 1.000 km2 forest (yes, with artificial irrigation it’s possible), thus 180.000 km2 NEW forest (rainforests) and Greenland every year! Only THIS we could call a “counterbalance”.

To counteract global warming we would need to build 1.000 CC Airwells per year (yes, also this is possible) – and for the next 10 years, in sum 10.000 CC-air-wells, thus 10 million km2 NEW forest/Greenland (nearby 50% of desert area) within 10 years. Only then we can talk about: “Global Warming is counterbalanced“. YES, it’s possible, and YES we have to be QUICK – yes, global warming is serious.

We build new, fast and large growing forests only this is going to be a real climate change. A single CC-air-well plant, within 10 years causes a forest up to 1.000 km2  and this is a natural process, without artificial irrigation (each tree provides shadow and is storing water and coolness). With artificial irrigation it will be a lot more forest and agriculture around the CC-air-well plant. My botany professor estimates more than 1.000 km2 within 10 years.

Of course, besides much water harvesting from hot air, the very fast growing forests (always sun and heat and constant water) is the main target of this CC-air-well-project. These forests are the best heat and CO2 catcher/consumer and these big forests are finally our active climate cooling, our sustainable climate change.

But why is it possible … within just 10 years around 1.000 km2 forest?
It’s possible, because we constantly deliver cold air (500 million m3 per day, with around 2°C)  first this looks like a waste of cold air, but this cold air causes the important ground-condensation (re-cooling our heated up soil and in 30 m depth we collect it and use it as drinking water) and as soon as our forest grows around the 2 km2 plant-area, this fast growing forest is holding the disposed cold air (and a forest is captivating much water) and we have always additionally irrigation water – and we have always a counterbalance to the merciless heat package above (always hungry and water sucking like a sponge).

In desert regions there are many efforts and attempts to grow and plant trees and to install agriculture (all the water is transported by trucks and pipes … from far away), yet every desert greening effort would be desperately lost against the hungry HEAT sponge above. All these Ideas (agriculture and trees in desert areas with long distance water transport) are based on the Idea: Water can disappear and ignoring the hungry-water-sucking-HEAT-sponge.

The problem is not only the missing water on the ground  the far bigger problem is the still existing water-sucking-HEAT-sponge above  always hungry – endless sucking up new moisture … and every effort of watering is wasted.

Once a CC-air-well is operating in Kalahari or Sahara, in the middle of the hottest desert (far from the sea), I will tell the locals: “No, it’s no miracle, all this water you see, touch and now drink, has always been HEREit’s YOUR water which wasjustcaptivated in your surrounding air – we “only” changed the aggregate state of water“.

To be sucessfully in desert greening, we have to create a new local climate  and for this we have to absorb/consume (“destroy“) HEAT. With the CC-air-well we consume, “destroy” the HEAT from 400-million m3 sucked in air/day (and the compression heat from the cooling system in the cooling tower). Of course we can’t “destroy” HEAT (we cannot make heat disappear) but we can absorb and consume it. First we temporarily store this HEAT in our 60 million m3 soil  second we re-cool it with ground-condensation (much much cold seeping water) and we absorb a part of this heat in the soil with many trees around (wild fig trees have roots up to 120 m depth we will plant them). And additionally, a warm soil is the best growth promoter for a forest.
If we would not “consume” heat, we could not call the CC Airwell a sustainable project. So finally, Mother Nature itself is the big healing master nature is already perfect and will repair our planet. We just help a bit with the CC Airwell system.

……….                                          … after 1 week …V6.1.jpg

Our main target is NOT water harvesting – rather it is to cool 500-million m3 hot desert air per day (cooling it to 2°C) and to blow it out into the hot environment. To harvest water alone (and disposing compression-heat into the environment) would not make any sense and yes, it would force global warming.
Active climate cooling
we “recycle” 600 million mhot air per day – we consume heat.
*  Desert greening – within 10 years up to 1.000 km2 forest/farmland around a CC-air-well plant.
*  Water harvesting in the desert – 1,7-billion litres of drinking water per day – additionally we provide a lot of irrigation water.
YES, we can green the desert – and YES
we can stop global warming; better to say: we can counterbalance the unstoppable Heat- and CO2-emmission. But we don’t have to fight global warming – we can USE it. Heat, hot air is our raw material (in reality a big water storage).

The main target of this project:

To stop drought, poverty and starvation … caused by global warming and the resulting water scarcity. We will remind the world community on the ethical laws: “Water is a human right”.

                                                                       The real face of …
global warming.jpg

CC Airwell is a ground-breaking – life-giving technology – providing millions of people affected by drought and water scarcity with the most precious resource WATER – the river of LIFE – the basis of LIFE – ending drought and starvation – creating flourishing agriculture – new communities – restoring the balance of Nature. The CC-air-well technology is THE answer to climate change – We do not have to fight it any longer, we can wisely use it. Heat is our raw material.

Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs
fuchs (at)
info (at)


10 thoughts on “The Climate Changer

  1. Very interesting program. I live in Phoenix Arizona, an area that should be suitable for a trial operation. Walt Albers – see


  2. The world has never before seen something so innovative, so creative and absolutely without violence. This project is magnificent in it’s approach caring for the environment and for humans and all creation, including all harmoniously. This CC is “heaven come down to earth”. It’s a peace maker, and cooling our moods. May it come, grow and spread….and infect us all with hope!


  3. Dieses innovative, außergewöhnliche Projekt wird eine wesentliche Veränderung zum Positiven in diese Welt bringen…GO on, Rainer!
    Looking forward to the grand opening soon!


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