CC Air-Well is a water extraction plant in the desert.
CC is an abbreviation for „Climate Converter“ and describes the transformation of hot air into cold air using the process of condensation and convection, leading to the extraction of water from the air.
Cool, pure drinking water and cold air are created using this method. The CC Air-Well can be seen as a massive air conditioning unit, which, through precipitation being created around it, allows plants to grow wthin a 300 meter area, forming an oasis.
The   idea   is   simple enough. Through the cooling of hot desert air, water is won from condensation and is saved in large, underground storage caverns. This is achieved by hot air being blown through a system of large condensation surfaces using ventilators. Following this, the now dry, cold air is directed outside from a central position, causing the formation of a cold air pocket. The mixing with the hot air happens slowly and creates a fine  precipitation,  leading  to  the  growth  of vegetation and enabling the land to be used for agricultural purposes. The amount of precipitation decreases the greater the distance to the plant, meaning that certain crops can be grown relative to their distance to the plant. Around the center, vegetables can be grown, further out grain, while the outermost edges can be used as grazing land for cattle and be lined by palm groves.
The cattle will have their water needs sustained through two wells, while a lake could be used to attract wildlife aswell, though a fence will help keeping said wildlife separated from the rest of the oasis.

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